Hello, we are PNBSAE

Business Platform in Environmental and Ecosystem Goods and Services

Our objective is to facilitate companies' access to projects developed to mitigate climate change, ensuring transparency, reliability, traceability and credibility for the carbon credits transacted.

What we do

Our platform has complete resources for recording, monitoring and transparency of your projects.


We record all your Inventories and PIN data to ensure full project tracking.

Inventories & PIN

All projects have their geographic coordinates registered for positioning verification.

Transparency and Security

Our platform offers transparency to ensure the monitoring of all stages of your projects.

Our work methodologies

The methodologies accepted by PNBSAE for creating the PIN (Project Idea Note) and Inventories are divided into:

Calculate how much carbon your property has and sequesters (tCO2 equivalent)

Biodiversity MRV Methodology

To be considered valid, a Biodiversity Bank (Genetic Variability) must obey certain rules. The Green Farm Project developed and field tested a methodology in this sense, the Baseline and Monitoring Methodology for Biodiversity Project Activities with Harpia harpya in a Conservationist Breed for Conservation Purposes – Genetic Variability. Named GFMRVSEBVGharpia/001-2012. (Green Farm Biodiversity Ecosystem Service Measurement and Verification Report of Harpia harpya Genetic Variability, version 001 of 2012)

Conservation MRV Methodology

To be considered valid, a project to generate Conservation Credits, which issues Conservation Credit Units (CCU = Conservation Credits Units), must comply with certain rules. The Global Conservation Standard, a global network based in Offenburg, Germany, developed and field-tested a methodology in this regard, Methodology 1 – Above Ground Forest Carbon.

Forest Carbon MRV Methodology

MRV Geen Farm Rapid Inventory Methodology for Generation of Forest Carbon Credits in Reforestation and/or Revegetation of Eucalyptus spp for Production of Wood Forest Products - PFM in Small Rural Properties up to 150 ha

Some numbers from our work

Our platform records hundreds of inventory projects, their undertakings and tons of CO2 equivalent.

Mudas crescendo
+ 0 thousand
tCO2eq certified
+ 0 thousand
tCO2eq inventoried
+ 0 thousand
tCO2eq neutralized

what do they say about us

We are recognized as a reference by professionals and companies in the market. 

“In the environmental preservation projects I worked on that were registered with the PNBSAE, I was confident that my work would have a positive impact on the environment.”
Patricia Muller
“PNBSAE is a transparent platform for monitoring carbon offset projects, the ideal way to ensure the recovery of the environment.”
Marcelo Costa
Forest Engineer
“My clients were looking for a trusted institution for our carbon offset projects. I found in PNBSAE the trust and transparency to guarantee any project.”
Juliano Marques
ESG Consultant