Responsible Management


We use the best environmental project management practices

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

The PNBSAE is intended to centralize the registration of emissions, removals, reductions and offsets of greenhouse gases and acts of trade, transfers, transactions and retirement of certified emission reduction credits. Therefore, it is an instrument to tackle climate change effectively.

In view of this, its Governance system is based on the ESG, or in Portuguese, ASG, being a model that meets social and environmental criteria in its management.

The PNBSAE works based on the recognition of the need to implement Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility actions that follow methodologies for the development of project activities that are Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable (MRV). In this way, it aims to create an environment of trust in environmental and scientific integrity in credit transactions, with the objective of accelerating transformations to reduce emissions.

PNBSAE is a pioneer in Latin America with its purpose: integrity, innovation and impact.

The business model adopted is also a mechanism that fights the “greenwashing”, that is, the green make-up, as the entire process relies on third-party verification and external audits, making transactions safe and reliable.

Auditors and Consultants

Consultants and Auditors are certified by the PNBSAE to ensure that the Inventories and PIN follow the methodologies adopted for carbon neutralization and environmental recovery.

The training follows the purposes of the platform, ensuring uniformity of performance and specific training of the agents involved in the process.


Representatives from all sectors of the economy use the PNBSAE to record GHG inventories and provide publicity and transparency to their data.


Sellers are responsible for preparing a PIN (Project Idea Note), as well as documentation for auditing, which after validation is available on the platform.